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what's eating your roof?

Are there black streaks on your roof? 

It’s true, your roof actually isn’t dirty at all – but it is under attack! It’s under attack from organisms like bacteria, algae, mold, and mildew that spread across your roof shingles and negatively impact your home’s beauty and property value. These organisms not only look awful, they are also eating the limestone in your shingles, causing your roof to prematurely deteriorate and retain heat. Simply put, a black stained and streaked roof is costing you your hard earned money!

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Roof Cleaning

We use our softwash process and the manufacturers
recommended cleaners to remove the black stains from your roof without risking any
damage from high pressure!

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Roof Cleaning

Cleaning slate is a very unique process. We use our softwash system
to gentle apply a specialized chemical to the roof to safely remove staining from organic

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Roof Cleaning

Metal roofs are very durable but they do require maintenance like
other roof systems. These style roofs can get covered by organic growth reducing your
homes curb appeal and become very slippery when wet! They often become oxidized
and dull but, we can remove this and restore the look of your roof!

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our soft washing method

We use a proven safe & effective Soft WashRoof Cleaning method because standard pressure washing only attacks the stains at the surface. Pressure washing may remove the stains, but the roots remain, allowing the growth of bacteria, algae, mold and mildew to return all too easily. Our Soft WashRoof Cleaning method completely eliminates these unsightly organisms at their source – meaning you can enjoy new looking roof for a longer period of time!

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don't pressure wash your roof

Pressure washing should NEVER be used to clean your roof! Many homeowners have found out the hard way that standard pressure washing and roof shingles do not mix! The resulting shingle damage and water forced under their roof decking required expensive repairs to fix. This is another important reason you should only have our Soft Wash method used to remove those unisghtly roof stains – Soft Washing poses zero risk of damage to your roof!

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Roof Cleaning Dayton, OH

The Aqua Force Pressure Washing are very professional and the Aqua Force has an excellent price. We had the entire house pressure washed along with the roof, patio and everything looks great. I highly recommend Aqua Force Pressure Washing to anyone who wants their houses get cleaned!

Mike Lowery

Roof Cleaning In Dayton, OH

I had Aqua Force Pressure Washing come to my house. He went above & beyond. My house look amazing and I had some brush on the side of my house he took with him. He explained what he did, why & when I should spray again in 2-3 years. I appreciated the honesty & wonderful job that was done. Highly recommend!

Dina L Williams

Roof Cleaning Dayton

The Aqua Force Pressure Washing were great to work with! The Aqua Force Pressure Washing team met and exceeded all my expectations and my house, roof, and fence looks absolutely great! I highly recommend Aqua Force Pressure Washing to anyone who needs their expertise. You will not be disappointed.

Amy Cassell

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